Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2


Bring a piece of Space into your home with this elegant and extraordinary rechargeable 3D Moon Light Lamp. A perfect addition to your or your children’s bedroom – it features two Dimmable LED bulbs for a soft white light or a yellow light; meaning it can be used as a night light or a reading lamp. And finally, you won’t have to use your phone’s torch anymore when wandering around the house at night!


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Electrical Specification
Driver: 40 mm
Sensitivity: 85dB±3dB
requency Response: 20Hz~20KHz<
Impendance: 32Ω±15%
Plug diameter: 3.5 mm
Cord Length: 1.3 m
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  1. Robert

    First impressions are positive. The build quality is solid. Most surfaces are smooth silver plastic and there’s a contrasting rubberised finish on the circular covers which bear the logo.

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